• Vanessa was very responsive to my needs with return phone calls and emails. Her confidence gave me the courage through a difficult time (multiple times). She was flexible with financial arrangements. Honestly she was practically perfect!
    — Sharon F.
  • Earl Vergara has to be one of the best attorneys in the state of Illinois. He was the only attorney who took his time to listen to me and provide me positive feedback and the truth up front regarding a false dui stop I was involved in 2014. I had two previous attorneys who I fired after their response after the second court hearing was "you should've just blown, this would've been over by now". Earl listened to my story, believed me, and did his best to help me get past this nightmare that the town and state held over me for over a year!! After we beat the town during the first trial, the state attempted to pin a dui on me as well, Earl came prepared as always and dominated in the courtroom. We beat the case with the state in the second trial. The town then tried to put traffic charges on me which I knew would affected my driving record and my insurance rate. Earl didn't let that happen either, we went through the entire process, we watched the video from the traffic stop that proved my innocence, Earl had the officers on the stand shaking at the knees with his stern and precise questioning. He was beyond knowledgeable when it came to dui stops. The final result, ALL charges dropped, from the dui to the traffic tickets, 100% clean. I thank Earl for giving me my life back, it was a long hard, stressful, and financially depriving experience this false stop had me go through. I can sleep better at night now knowing Earl helped me rid of this. I thank Earl for helping me out. Thank you Earl.
    — Silverio
  • She helped me on a complicated interstate custody case and helped solve my case that had been disputed for years. She was both kind and professional and I always knew she cared about my case and my son. I send my friends to her when they have visitation issues.
    — a Child Custody client
  • After getting caught shoplifting almost $14,000 worth of clothes at a retail store, I was arrested and charged with felony retail theft. I had never been in trouble with the law before and was terrified. Consequences for such offence include jail and a felony on my criminal record which would follow me for the rest of my life. Picking the right lawyer was crucial and I did a lot of research on the matter. I made appointment with the few I liked, but Earl really impressed me with not only his sharpness and knowledge , but also his sincere desire to resolve my situation. He didn’t treat me like a case, but as a person which I thought was very important. He gladly answered all my questions and took the time to explain all the steps I needed to take to lessen my charges. Eventually he was able to lower my charge from a felony to one-year supervision with the condition of serving 8 days in the county jail. After the one-year passes, I will have a clean record which is a miracle. I can’t thank Earl enough for this second chance at freely pursuing my goals and not letting one stupid mistake ruin everything I had worked for. Thank you Earl… again!
    — a Criminal Defense client
  • Vanessa is a very personable lawyer who has the patients to handle any case. She has been available to answer questions or handle problems immediately. I would recommend her to anyone with custody issues.
    — a Child Custody client
  • Attorney Earl Vergara is my lawyer and will be using his service again if I need a lawyer to defend for me. He is very open and honest with regards of the plan, my standing on my case, what action needs to be done on and forward. I like the fact that he explains to me the details of my case, very boldly with no hesitation of the win-win or losing situation. He is a good communicator and tries to understand the situation to do the best move for me.
    — Maria G.
  • Vanessa is an amazing lawyer! She has gone above and beyond for me in my case involving my son. She goes out of her ways on the weekends and late nights to make sure things are going smoothly with my son. She is very reasonable and understanding. She is beyond amazing in the court room!!
    — Samantha
  • Most attorneys have strengths and weaknesses. As an attorney Mr. Vergara has none. He handled my case with extreme attention to detail and has the talent and experience to go against any DA. Most attorneys with his skill and success rating are conceded and stuffy to deal with. His was respectful and caring and communication was executed seamlessly. He is simply a class act and more importantly gets results. My case progressed exactly the way he predicted and I recommend him without any reservations.
    — Anonymous Client

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