With nearly twenty five years of combined litigation experience, Earl Vergara and Vanessa Favia comprise a formidable legal team you want on your side.  They possess the experience, skill, and knowledge necessary to win your case and achieve the results you deserve even when the odds are against you.  The attorneys at VF Law have developed an outstanding work ethic that has earned the respect of judges, attorneys, court room personnel, law enforcement, and most importantly, their clients.

Whether you are looking to purchase/sell a home, obtain a green card, clear your criminal record, receive just compensation for a personal injury, or find yourself in court due to a family matter or criminal accusation, VF Law will handle your case with careful precision.  Everything V.F Law does in and out of court will be strategically tailored to meet or exceed your goals and objectives.  You don't have to do it alone.  VF Law will stand with you through any change or challenge.